Sell your 164.
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I have the pleasure in offering another one of John's prized vehicles for sale, as is my role as acting agent for John who is still currently working out of the country for much of the time.

The car is now with me in Nottinghamshire and available for viewing by appointment.

Clearly, a Q4 is a super rare care these days, particularly in the UK, so if you're a fan, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Here is John's own brief write up, and i will add more detail as i learn more myself.

"L994 Alfa Romeo 164 Q4

Imported from Germany in 1999 and owned by the vendor for a little over ten years. The Q4 was a technical tour de force with the added advantage of durability. The transmission has a four-wheel drive setup designed and built in Austria by Steyr featuring wheel angle and spin monitoring to influence torque distribution. The main gearbox is the German Getrag six speed, similar to that on the six cylinder BMW M5. The engine is the 164 Cloverleaf 24 valve Busso designed V6 with a unique ECU, apparently – but I can’t spot the difference.
This particular car remains in standard trim, except for a complete stainless exhaust system. For its new MoT, the front springs were replaced, when the spring pans were found to be in good condition. Last year, the fuel tank was dropped (meaning also a lot of the rear suspension) to access the transmission control hydraulic lines, which were all replaced with copper and stainless flexys. Opportunity was also taken to make a few small-scale rust repairs, and the underside is now in very good order throughout. The Zender ‘Siena’ alloys were also refurbished at this time.
Timing Belt and metal water pump were replaced at Alfatune four years and approximately 35,000 km ago. The car has covered 210,000 km, and there is a complete service history with many receipts.
One noteworthy fix is the air-conditioning control panel, the displays of which were notorious for premature failure. The one in this car was rebuilt at Alfissimo in the USA more than two years ago using aircraft standard components, and has functioned perfectly ever since. The rest of the interior is great, apart from the usual shrunken leather covering of the binnacle. A wiring fault has disabled the heated rear window, and I forgot to look at it when the tank was out, sorry.
The main reason for sale is looming (and quite late) retirement. The car isn’t perfect, but I would say it is very good.

And it will do roundabouts as tidily fast as you are brave"
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Re: 164 Q4 for sale, vgc

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Pictures? Price?
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Re: 164 Q4 for sale, vgc

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sorry, i can't seem to upload pictures without a 3rd party host or something first,

i hate doing a job twice, but i'll see what i can do
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Do you think the new owner will drop by on this site and introduce himself?
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