There were two types of roofracks, a normal roof racks and robust "all carriers".

They were extendable with various Accessiores to get ultimately versatile roof racks.

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For the interior there were Shifters in leather or wood, a wooden steering wheel and wooden profiles for the interior were provided.
There were also rubber mats or just fabrics mats available.

In Europe, existing audio equipment of manufacturers were used in the 164.
Customers could choose between the brand Blaupunkt and Philips.

Blaupunkt London RDM 104

Blaupunkt provided four radios, two with CD changer.
There were also two amplifiers of this brand and even an antenna amplifier.

Philips DC 942
Philips gave the choice of three radios, two with cassette player and a CD player.
Philips also provided a speaker system to replace the original "Alfa Romeo" speakers.
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In the USA the radio was specifically designed for the 164. The brand was Fujitsu.
The audio system was only available in the USA.
It filled the cover for the radio room perfectly.
On the radio adorned the Alfa Romeo logo.

This radio was also equiped with a 12-CD changer and an amplifier. Again, there was an Alfa Romeo logo.


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Backseat audioconroller
Another option only provided in the USA was a Radioconroller, that fits the rear ashtray. One could control the volume of their headphone from the backseat.

Besides the original wheels at the dealership there were other alloy wheels to choose from.

Borbet C

Borbet A


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A not so famous option (because the air conditioning) was the sunroof.

At the dealerships you could buy a car phone.

This was a phone of the brand Philips and worked with a phone card from Bosch.
This phone was suitable for the D1 and D2 network.
An convenient armrest in where the phone could be charged and stored was also an option.

Sold at the dealership: Childseats, snow chains and an alarm system.


Two types of snow chains

An alarm
Also there were fog lights available for the front bumper.